A Scheduling System created with Restaurant Operators in mind.

Receive sales and employee information from your POS system to offer the most up-to-date information and aid in creating cost-efficient schedules.

Sales projections, which are based on historic sales trends, are populated for you. With those sales projections, the Labor Scheduler automatically projects the necessary labor required to support the expected sales volume for the upcoming week.

Schedule around employees’ personal schedules with requested times off and unavailability settings. Our Scheduler is also updated to reflect California Labor Laws.

Labor Based on Sales

Sales are projected in the Scheduler, allowing managers to schedule accordingly.

Shift Trading Made Easy

Employees can post unwanted shifts, trade, or pick up shifts with manager approval.

Schedules Delivered

New schedules are instantly sent to employees via text message or email.


Get notified when employees approach overtime, fail to take breaks, or do not clock out.

Ease of Use

Drag-and-drop features and color-coded job types make scheduling quick and easy.

Copy Schedules

Quickly create schedules by copying previous schedules with similar sales projections.

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Advanced Labor Scheduler

Can adjustments to the schedule really make a difference in overall costs? Here at QSROnline, we know the answer is YES! We are here make labor costs go down and improve efficiency.

Use timeline or spreadsheet view within the Labor Scheduler to create accurate schedules in less time.


Labor Cost Reports

These reports detail where adjustments are necessary. They map out where your labor problems might be and also provide insight into where changes need to be made.

Some of these reports include Labor Analysis, Scheduler Labor and Scheduled vs. Actual. Numbers can be broken down as far as the quarter-hour to hone in on aspects of your labor strategy that may need adjustments, allowing you to see exactly where your labor problems exist.


Sales Trends & Forecasting

Automatically project daily sales so that you can schedule your team accordingly.

These projected sales are then used to ensure that your managers are scheduling inside of their labor percentage goals. Use these numbers to make adjustments by the week, day, or even hour to meet your goals.

Sales trends and forecast settings are all flexible to meet your financial outlook, ensuring the most accurate data for the most productive outcome.


Easy Labor Analysis

Managers no longer have an excuse for not meeting their daily labor goals.

The Labor Matrix inside the Scheduler can provide your managers with an hourly break down of sales. By comparing this hourly projection to actual sales, the manager can actually make adjustments throughout the day to ensure that labor goals are met.


Web Based Scheduling

Back-office administrative tasks are simplified even further with our new web-based scheduling application.

Employees can view their work schedule, request days off or exchange shifts with other employees all from their mobile.

QSROnline’s Scheduler has been a huge help. The fact that you have the option text/email out changes after it has been posted. I love the errors tab because it tells me if I scheduled someone 80 hours. The clock in and out exception report that tells me where my labor money is sneaking off to… LOVE IT!

– Michele L. Johnson, General Manager – Gatti’s Pizza