Take the guess work out of determining your food cost.

Create and maintain detailed recipes to compare actual food cost to theoretical food cost, and pinpoint problem areas, including improper portioning, employee theft, and excess waste. QSROnline receives electronic invoices from your vendors, expenses and recipe costs are automatically updated within the system.

Count inventory on your smartphone using our mobile app, and track specials or LTO’s using our Menu Item Tracking feature.

Automated Invoices

Auto-import your vendor invoices into our system, saving time and hassle.

Detailed Plate Costing

Calculate exact plate costing to ensure you are charging the correct amount per plate.

Food Cost Comparison

Compare stores’ food cost performance side-by-side and follow up accordingly.

Price Change Alerts

Get notified of vendor price changes to better manage your plate cost and expenses.

Food Cost Reports

Get detailed analyses on actual usage vs. ideal costs and compare trends overtime.

Inventory Counting App

Increase speed and accuracy by counting inventory on your smartphone or tablet.

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QSR has drastically improved our speed of reporting, helped us partner with other beneficial vendors, and ultimately allowed us to make quicker decisions that will result in greater value to our customers. Their team has been and continues to be there for us every step of the way. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to partner with QSROnline and look forward to a lasting partnership.

– Richard Lomax, Director of Operations @ Water Street Seafood Co.


invoice importing

Automatically Import Vendor Invoices

QSROnline automatically imports your vendor invoices into our system, saving you time and hassle. Invoice automation also reduces error due to the absence of manual entry. Vendor invoices automatically update item prices on your inventory countsheets, giving you the most up-to-date recipe costs.

QSROnline also sends vendor invoices to your accounting system, automatically recording your purchases.

Customize your Inventory Countsheets

Customize Inventory Countsheets

QSROnline allows you to customize your inventory countsheets, keeping them in the standard format that your team is used to using. Choose from location or department based counts to ensure easy inventory tracking at the store level.

Countsheets allow your staff to record inventory levels using four different units of measure. This gives you the capability to make inventory counts acutely accurate for detailed food cost analysis. Inventory values are also calculated using the most recent vendor prices.

Actual Food Cost Detailed Report (1)

Actual Food Cost Detailed Breakdown

Identify top-selling menu items and those items generating the highest yield. Immediately spot missing or unaccounted for items, which could signify waste, over portioning, or employee theft.

Easily compare actual food cost to theoretical food cost, and detect your items with the greatest levels of variation with our food cost analysis software.

Variance Detail Report

Variance Detail Report

Ready to understand your food cost percentages, bring costs down and increase profits? The Variance Food Cost Detail Report takes food cost percentages to another level with the ability to break down data to provide valuable analysis.

This report allows you to track food cost variance at the inventory item level. It outlines how much inventory was used (actual food cost) and how much inventory was sold (ideal food cost). Any differences in these numbers determine your variance total, which is clearly outlined in the report. By having easy access to this information you can quickly get to the answers you need.


Menu Gross Profit Report

Create best-selling menus, and establish a regular customer base with our Menu Gross Profit Report.

This report clearly outlines every menu item available, along with price, cost, profit, and quantity sold. These numbers allow you to easily scan which items are most popular, profitable, and costly for your business.

Build your best menu yet, and maximize profits.