Accurate, informative data delivered to you on a daily basis. 

To provide you with the most up-to-date information, QSROnline pulls daily sales, product mixes, employee details, and payroll hours from your POS system each day. This data is then comprised into premium, standardized reports for business planning and strategic decisions.

Reports cover a variety of areas, including food cost, sales, labor, trends, and store comparisons. You choose the reports and delivery times most suitable for your business.

Identify Top Performers

Multi-store operators can quickly identify their top performers and best sellers.

Timely Adjustments

Know when deposits are missing and when stores don’t enter countsheets.

Intuitive Decision Making

Make informative business decisions based on accurate, reliable data.

Reporting App

Access your QSROnline reports anywhere, anytime on your smartphone or tablet.

Standardized Reports

Pull data from multiple POS systems, and standardize it into unified reports.

Unlimited Users

QSROnline’s Enterprise Reporting System allows an unlimited number of users.

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The daily reports we receive give us great insight for multiple locations. We’ve been using QSR for 7+ years and love the support and data we have access to. We use it for multiple brands and have been able to save money with the data.

– Chet Bhakta, Managing Director @ Genghis Grill



Period-to-Date Sales Report

The Period-to-Date Sales report shows the sales information a unit or company has made during a selected period.

This report is great for finding out the total sale amounts for the company as a whole or for individual stores by the Period, Week or Day.

The Period-to-Date Report shows sales information such as gross sales, net sales, taxes, credit cards, gift cards, deposits, etc for a selected period. Customize this report to give you the exact sales details you need.


Day Part Sales

The Day Part Sales Report shows sales information for a selected date range, unit, area, or entire company for the different parts of the day, such as breakfast, lunch or dinner. The simple breakdown is a regular go-to feature for understanding sales numbers.


Emailed Reports

Emailed Reports can be sent straight to your client’s email inbox or mobile device for day-part totals and any-time management.

Over a hundred subscriptions are available for selection, making Enterprise Reporting not only substantial but also individualized. Receive your daily totals when you need them and be alerted to any immediate problems.


Menu Items Sold

The Menu Items Sold Report lists the menu items for a unit, area or entire company for the selected date range. It also shows sales information for each item, such as quantity sold, amount sold, items sold percent and the averages.

The Menu Items Sold report allows you to monitor changes in item popularity as well as overall sales and cost.

Use These reports to build savory, successful menus.


Labor Percent

The Labor Percent Report shows your sales and labor in dollars as well as the percent of your sales that is being spent on labor.

This report is defaulted to display hourly, but can display by half or quarter hour as well, for a selected date range.

Use this report to build a more effective Labor Cost strategy, thereby lowering labor cost percentages. By one step ahead of the game with this easy-to-use and readily accessible report on a regular basis.