Counting inventory just became a lot easier! With QSROnline’s Counting App, you can count inventory from your tablet or smartphone!

Create new countsheets on your mobile device or tablet.
Choose from Shift, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly countsheets.
Edit existing countsheets and view historical data.
Simple and easy to use.
Ditch the pen and clipboard!

Download & Install for a Free Demo

Download for Android 2.3 or higher.

Download for iOS 8 or higher.

It’s inventory management, simplified!

QSROnline has made our company more profitable in a variety of ways. From more accurate and reliable control of our inventory to using less labor dollars with regards to scheduling and bookkeeping, QSR does it all!

– Adam Safford, Senior Regional Manager, Halo Country LLC



Now, your employees can view their schedules anytime from their smartphone or tablet! Reduce no-shows and hold employees accountable with our Scheduling App.

 Employees view this week’s and next week’s schedules.
 Color-coded blocks highlight scheduled shifts.
 Manager approved shift trading
Shifts detail scheduled jobs and store locations.
 Employees easily request days or times off.

    Download for Android 4.0.3 or higher.

Download for iOS 9.2 or higher.

Employees can view schedules, 24/7!

I use QSR’s counting app on my phone, and I LOVE this product. It works extremely well, is intuitive, and easy. I love love love it!

– Scott Prewitt, Owner, Come Back Shack



Finally! An app designed with managers’ needs in mind. Manage and communicate with employees using QSROnline’s Managing App in unison with QSROnline’s Scheduling App for employees.

Features Include:

Approve/Deny Employee Shift Trades
Deny Employee Request Off Times
Send Mass Messages
View Employee Schedules
 View Employee Roster

     Download for Android 2.3 or higher.

Download for iOS 8 or higher.

Manage your employees on-the-go!

I QSROnline’s Scheduler has been a huge help, especially with the option to text/email changes after posting a schedule. I love the errors tab because it tells me if I’ve schedule anyone to hit overtime. The Clock-In Clock-Out Report tesll me where my labor money is sneaking off to… LOVE IT! it!

– Michele J, General Manager, Gatti’s Pizzagattis


View your QSROnline Reports anytime, anywhere! Login and immediately get a quick recap of Net Sales, Labor Percentages, Transaction Numbers, and Cash+/- across stores.

Reports: Daily Sales, Top Selling Items, Time Clock Exceptions, Unit Comparison.
Color-coded numbers make it easy to identify top-sellers and problem areas.
Identify employees who clock in early or late, increasing your labor expenses.
Compare sales and labor figures to those of last week and last year.
Email and share reports with others!

Download & Install for a Free Demo

Download for Android 2.3 or higher.

Download for iOS 8 or higher.

Manage your restaurant on-the-go!